Enforcement of Judgments, Massachusetts. Commercial Collections Attorney, Randi Levine, Boston Massachusetts
Massachusetts Enforcement of Judgements, Business Litigation Attorney, Randi Levine, Boston Massachusetts

Client Feedback (unsolicited)

Received the check yesterday and deposited it. Thanks for all your help in this matter. I enjoyed our conversations and enjoyed working with you. I will certainly keep you in mind the next time I have to deal with a difficult collections issue.

—from the CFO of a local pharmaceutical company

We are forever grateful to you for your efforts to get as much of our money back from that fiasco as we did. We are well and happy and enjoying our life together. You should know that you played a big part in making it happen.

— from a couple who invested their life savings with a crook!

I am reaching out to you as I had an AHA moment this morning, about do I know any honest attorneys on the other side of the border. ... Not sure if you can advise or if you can refer me. ... And for the record, you are one of the nicest, transparent and honest people I have had the privilege to do business with on a legal matter.

— from a Canadian CFO

[We] often think of you and how you went to bat for us when others were unwilling to risk it.

I wanted to thank you again for referring Randi to help me on this matter. She was timely, professional and very knowledgeable. Her recommendations were to me “right – on”. I would recommend her again if I were you when you have other clients that need these types of services again. I will do the same…

I just wanted to write to say thank you for all of your efforts in helping us get paid. As you know, we were due this money for several years, and to finally have it paid is a great relief. Without your effort, I wonder if we still wouldn't be waiting for payment.

Just wanted to thank you. I find you to be such a good source of information, advice and logic that I just wanted to let you know!

..many thinks for all your kindness and support and expertise over the past several months which have been extremely difficult for me..thank you for all your help!

Thank you for the great job. My partner and I had just about given up hope when you got involved. I appreciate your no nonsense, take action approach. It's a refreshing change to my perception of the legal profession.

Randi, I couldn't have achieved this result without you and I can't thank you enough for your efforts, it really is a victory for the small player...

Once again, thank you so much for your advice and support. You always go so above and beyond. I am very grateful



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