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Massachusetts Enforcement of Judgements, Business Litigation Attorney, Randi Levine, Boston Massachusetts

Defense of Claims, Removal of Default,
Credit Card Debt

Although most of my work is on behalf of Plaintiffs, I have undertaken numerous claims where I represent Defendants.

Many of these cases come to me after default or default judgment has already entered. As such, I have prosecuted numerous Motions to Reopen Default (and also defended against them). In a recent case, my client, the comptroller of a medium sized corporation, ignored the summons he received believing the matter was settled. I moved to re-open on this basis, and once the papers were filed, the plaintiff dismissed the claim. Not all motions to re-open end on this happy a note. On behalf of a client with a judgment against him in the amount of $500,000, and an attachment on this home, I moved to re-open and lost. I enlisted an experienced appellate lawyer to take on the appeal (Plan A being win the appeal) and simultaneously set up a consult with a specialist in bankruptcy (Plan B).

If you are reading this and a default judgment that has entered against you, CALL A LAWYER NOW!!

I also have considerable experience defending credit card debts. My practice does NOT include credit card companies and most consumer claims, so I have no conflicts of interest in this regard. I have never had a case in which the credit card company was able to produce a document wherein the debtor/defendant obligated himself to pay the (usually) exorbitant fees sought by the credit card company. For example, in one claim, the credit card company sought to impose a charge every time the card holder PAID the credit card company. We won this case on summary judgment but unfortunately it wasn’t fast or easy.

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