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Construction Litigation and Mediation

Litigating a construction claim may require special knowledge of such matters as mechanics lien law, bond claims, and insurance claims. 

I litigated a multi-party case concerning a roof collapse that implicated many aspects of construction law and which also required that I learn about the manner in which nursing homes account for their profits. 

My client, a contractor, contracted to replace a roof on a nursing home.  The job was subbed out to a local roofer. Following a heavy summer rain, the roof collapsed and the residents of the nursing home evacuated.  Litigation ensued between the owner of the nursing home, the contractor and the subcontractor.  Each parties’ insurance company was implicated and both the owner and the contractor sought prejudement security for their claims.  There were issues relative to causation, supervision and damages.  The nursing home claimed extensive lost profits.  After discovery including depositions, the case came before an experienced mediator.  Given the number of parties and their lawyers, it is truly a testament to the power of mediation and the skill of the mediator that the case settled at the end of a very long day. 

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