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Massachusetts Enforcement of Judgements, Business Litigation Attorney, Randi Levine, Boston Massachusetts

International Collections

International claims include those where either the plaintiff or the defendant is not within the United States, and also claims where the parties are in the United States, but assets are located overseas. Handling such claims often requires coordination with foreign counsel and/or the retention of an investigative firm with outlets overseas. There are American attorneys in every major city in the world who can render assistance when necessary. Many foreign attorneys, having been educated in the United States, are completely fluent in English and conversant in our laws.

For example, I represented an Australian engineer in a claim against German equipment manufacturer with a satellite office in the United States. As in any other claim one must review the relevant documents and determine what law applies and in what forum can the case be litigated.

I enjoy the challenge of tackling a case that requires learning the laws and procedures of a foreign country.

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